Friday, January 22, 2010

~Lost in Translation~

I finally had the epiphany to the question I've been aksing myself & God for the longest. Seems I've known the answer the whole time, but failed to realize it, maybe just simply ignored it. It's "human nature", it never fails turst me on that. My grandmother once told me never to ask certain ppl "why"? You never really know why people do what they do. But did that mean i couldn't ask God why either?

So here goes my answer. In order to understand that torturous question that disturbs us all in its own way, one must understand their purpose in life. Everyone has one, its' up to you to figure that out for yourself. The greater my purpose, the greater my struggle is to make through to the surface and to my ultimate destiny. To me life is a big test, filled with quizes here and there to see how you will react in situations thrown at you. Whether you crack under pressure, or realize what's happening and just roll with the punches

Yes i may cry, scream, wonder wHY?, and want to give up at times, but its all normal and apart of Life and getting to the promise land. My purpose (gift) if used cottectly will help to get me there. I can only have faith and trust in god that i am doing what i need to.

So my many wrong turns and mistakes are okay to make every now and then, just as long as i dont loose complete focus along the way.

Which path will you take? The road not taken or the road drawn out before you?..I now know you?

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