Thursday, December 24, 2009

I swear sometimes im the 9th wonder of the world

To be or not to that really the question?

Lol let me stop

Well i finally started a blog after all the procrastination. writing has always been my passion, but also something ive put to the side. An old freind once told me since i seem to have an issue getttin out what i honestly wanna say i should first write it down, so here goes....

Knowledge is power and everyone is entittled to their own opinion. I guess this is something like a overachieving self:)

Some may disagree some may agree..either way i dont really care its just my thoughts and experiences that i have experienced in my 19 short years here on this torturous planet we call earth. makind has truely found some ways to make it amazing and excuse my french.but also fuck it up in the process

Life's truley funny to me, the people, the places, all the emotions, people's reactions and outbursts, how dejavu occurs (even though its really a trick of the mind), white lies, big lies, why people really lie in the first place and the biggest lies are told to ourselves, denial, secrets, dang mostly the psychology of the really entrigues me (hence my psych major;)

Ive ran into a good amount of people in my lifetime..shoot i was raised around them: cheaters, cleptomaniacs, narsasists!, egomaniacs, depressed ppl, confused ppl, hell ive seen it all

Not to say that i am the most perfect person in the world..CAUSE IM NOT..but at least im bold and honest enough to say that i have had my fair share of mistakes (no regrets) just learning experiences that i can only hope to make better

I hate ppl who have been through something but have to make it public, like AHH HELLO EVERYOne has had their fair share of issues and heartbreaking stories good enough to make th oprah show and so have i but damn u see me exploiting it to everyone and advertising that shit like a damn mr.clean commercial.its not neccessary..GROW UP, talk about it with a select few, most of all SEEK HELP

People get mad at the dumbest things, just to get over it and get mad all over again. But you know what in the end you have to get over whatever you were mad at eventually or just move on

Everything and everybody is not meant to be, forever. Stop holding on to things of the past or trying to change people. Maybe you just need to change your situatuion or environment. You shouldnt try to change people because then they wouldnt be themselves..

Sometimes you have to truley let go and let god..stop fighting the enevitable

SN: if u dont understand half these words im using..u 1) didnt pass your SAT's

2) need to get a dictionary or get over it

3) stop reading now and just kill yourself bc they really arent that complicated i havent even started to bring out the really big ones n this is only the intro to my blogs..dhhat


I love the people in my life that are postive to me..but i love the ones even more who are negative..why you ask?

You need people period, not just to succeed, but when you fail to have something to look back at and learn from. Make mistakes, its apart of life. Fooled me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me

To those that i may have affended already not just in my blogs but recently in actions or just in truely sorry, but i cant apologize for being can either take it or leave it..shit can speak to me about it or not..dats on you really..For those who have offended or wronged me..dnt worry i forgive u..but i also forget u

WHy do ppl always do things out of the "kindness of their heart?" but then expect something bak in return or feel you owe them?..this is why i never accept much from rather struggle until i get what i need myself..i hate having to depend on ppl.even your closests freinds are untrustworthy sometimes much less family

Ive been feeling so conflicted lately about situations and the lifestyle i live now; but some things you just have to let happen and see how they play out.ive always tried to be two steps ahead of the game..but sometimes god has other plans no matter how far ahead we plan

Now i know your saying (especially those haters) i know this girl aint tryna be spirtual and curse at the same time in this not gunna listen..dnt..but also dnt judge me nobody can except one..take a sec.thnk about it..DNT WORRY ILL WAIT..(katt williams vocie)

like cudi said "ill be up, up, and away cause in the end they'll judge me anyway so whatever!"

Have lost my focus for a sec i have to admit.almost lost my eye from being on the prize..but its cool.we all slip up sometime..ill get it straight next semester..wont let ppl dictate my life or feelings or establish what im supposed to do..ill do what i think is right.wont tolerate ppl messing with my head or emotions.not being coldhearted..just a lil wiser with who i let in and out of my life.never a follower always a leader..was always destined for greatness~.even if my destiny seems detered for the moment..just work my way up and OUT

~This is only a glimpse into the actual thoughts that go through my head on the daily basis..y people do what they do..try to be so perfect in the public eye with all the flaws in the REAL..we wont much at least..their are always those u need hand sanitizer for when greeting the public;)

Until next time my freinds..n not so freindly....


Shout out to my girl daija n my boy clinnie b they have amazing blogs too u should def check them out if u care to be enlightented by young ppl beyond their time n who r the realest n most down to earth ppl you will eva meet!

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